Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love For Sewing

I have recently revisited my love for sewing things... to me sewing is like reading a good book to many people, once I get started on a project I find it hard to put down. As I stated previous post I have been busy completely some sewing projects the last couple months!

I started sewing when I was young, normally only once a year for 4-H. I would spend a week for so at my grandma house creating something to take to fair. The last time I can remember sewing cloths was my last year of 4-h, which was almost 5 years ago... where does time go!

Now, I hadn't completely stopped sewing the past 5 years, I have sewn blankets for several people- I made a blanket for Jaccie for Christmas a few years ago. This past summer I had to try out my sewing machine August got me for our 1st anniversary so I made baby quilts for our nieces Elsie and Madalynn. For Christmas made quilts for Lyle and our nephew Austin... Jaxon your quilt is coming!!!! I'm not sure why but I never took any pictures of the quilts I made, I will try and get some from everyone to hopefully post.

I don't remember what made me decided to start to sew clothing but once I got started I haven't stopped... in the past month or so I have sewn 3 kids dress, 2 adult dresses, 1 kids jacket, 1 adult jacket, and a hat. I have also started to sell (well hopefully sell) security blankets and burp cloths at the Farmer's Wife in Jesup, Iowa.... I can custom make either one for you too… I would also be willing to make clothing too!!!

I made Sara & Elise Easter dresses, I tried to coordinate the colors & styles some. They both looked really good!!!

I had made Madalynn's dress for her just to have, and was very surprised when she was wearing it for Easter. She looked so darling in her dress, I can't take credit for the her jacket though.

My dress, I never got a picture of me in along with the jacket I made for myself.

Security Blankets

I have really enjoyed getting back into sewing, and don't see that enjoyment stopping anything soon, hopefully some day I will have kids of my own to sew for, but for now I love sewing for our ever growing families!!!

Sorry about the quality of the some of the pictures, you should be able to click on the pictures to view the image a lot larger


The Hansen's said...

what amazing outfits you put together! I'm so impressed :) Looks like I have another talented sis-in-law in the "creative" area!! How did I get so lucky? Between you & Heidi and Lo I have some learning to do! They all look great... and Austin loves his blankie. It's currently in the wash because he threw up all over it...but hey, whats a good blankie without good memories of being sick with it? :-)

Easter Dress said...

Those are such gorgeous Easter dresses!