Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wow, I can't believe it has almost been a year since I last updated, and man has a lot changed in the last year. We've moved a few times August changed jobs, I switch locations a few times and we found out some very exciting news... so here's a quick recap of our last year.

Last year at about this time August got a promotion with Lynch Livestock to being a Station Manager and was driving about an hour to work each day. In May we found out the house we were renting was being sold and we had to be out by the end of the month, so we started looking for a new place to live that was possibly closer to where August worked, which would have put me father away from where I worked. Luckily an opening came open in Storm Lake so I transferred there and we found a house in Mason, Iowa to rent. Manson is located about 15 miles west of Fort Dodge, so once again we packed everything up and moved.

We enjoyed out summer in Manson, we went camping a few times at a local park, and we even got in a few roads of gold and of course made plenty of trips back to eastern Iowa to see family. In the late summer August and I decided for him to take a job working in Charles City, the new job was working for a family helping to raise their show pigs along with helping out with other things on the farm. They were more than doubling their show pig sow herd and knew they need someone to help with it, August has really enjoyed working for them. He started working there at the beginning of August while I stayed in Manson looking for a job and continuing to work for US Cellular, it was hard having a long distance relationship... we've never done that before. We both made a few trips back and forth. We decided that at the beginning of October I would moved back to eastern Iowa to be with August. So we packed everything up and moved in with August sister and bother in-law in Waverly until we could find somewhere to live. It was a hard few months with me trying to find a job and us trying to find somewhere to live. At the end of October we moved to Dunkerton, to the house we lived in right after we got married. In December I got hired back on with US Cellular in Waterloo, I was so excited to be back with the company.

Since October we have moved one more time, to a larger house in Dunkerton that August's parents own. We are still working on getting settle but it is coming along and we are hoping we will be here for awhile, but you never know with us. Well that pretty much gets you update for our last year.... oh about that exciting news more to come on that

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