Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Family Members

In December we added to our family again..... Bobbi and Blizzard. August's brother Lyle and his friend Alex found them on the family farm abandoned. Lyle and Sara took them in while they found loving new homes for them. I talked August into letting me get one... I really wanted two of them so they could play together. He said if I we got one I could have it in the house (I told him if we got 2 they could stay outside in the shed). I figured they would be nice to have around next fall to help keep the mice away. We decided that one would be fine. August went to pick up the kitten from Lyle and Sara's. They were thinking about keeping one to have around their house but decided they didn't want one so August surprised me and got to kittens for me.


Since all three of our dogs' names start with B, we had to name the cats with B too. Jaxon, our nephew helped come up with Bobbi's name since her tail is a bob tail... at first I thought it had been frozen off or ate, but come to find out it was broken. Her tail will always be curved down she doesn't seem to mind at all. Blizzard started as Frosty... Lyle and Sara thought about keeping him and had named him Frosty.

This is August and my first time having a house cat. We have learned that kittens are definitely a lot easier to potty train than puppies... to bad it isn't a natural instinct in puppies to go in a litter box. When we first brought them home Bella and Buddy weren't quite sure what to think of them. Buddy was a little rough with them at first, he would pick them up my a leg and carry them around or try and bite off their hair... now he barely notices them unless they are eating his food or trying to lay on him. It has been fun to watch them grow and become more playful. Their favorite spot lately to play is on our steps with the curtain with have there to keep the heat in the first floor.

more pictures to come!!!

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Dave said...

i like your new background...very chic! Jess